Words by Gemma Casimsiman

Who’s drowning in work and ignoring their health? I AM!

But, let’s be honest, I bet all of us are. Our color-coded calendars just keep getting more colorful by the minute. Rather than eating a hearty bowl of breakfast in the morning, we fill our bodies with gallons of coffee, our health degrading as time passes by.

However, being healthy isn’t just about consuming the right amount of calories. It’s also making sure our bodies are physically fit and ready for battle. I know, I know, you might think exercise calls for frequent visits to the gym. And, as the expression goes—ain’t nobody got time for that! Fortunately, I just discovered and experienced first-hand the wonders of Fitness Playground 2018.

Fitness Playground is not a physical area where there’s recreational equipment around. Rather, it’s an event where everyone, whether young or old, can join the fitness community and get their bodies on track. It’s not a gym nor is it limited to athletes. What I discovered during my time with them is that their goal is to find an alternative way to keep you going while providing you with the equipment you need under one roof.

Last week, they gave me the opportunity to join them in a work-out session in…wait for it…TRAMPOLINE PARK! I was taught how to exercise in a creative manner as I jumped from one trampoline to another. After the session, my body was dead-tired but I wanted more!

                                                                       Image of Fitness Playground MNL

Don’t worry if you think you missed all the fun. In a few weeks, they’ll be having their expo in SMX Convention Center where you can experience what I did! They’ll be inviting speakers to talk about their own stories of how they got to squeeze in the fitness lifestyle in their jam-packed schedules. You can also try out the various fitness sessions that are around the building! Besides the basic weights and Zumba, there’ll also be yoga, martial arts, pilates, and many more. If you’re into exercise, there’s also nutritionists and dieticians around. Don’t be threatened by what’s in store because this is a community where you don’t have to be good at anything to be there!

Don’t miss this 2-day event to gain the healthy lifestyle you deserve!



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