The Zero Waste Movement is steadily gaining ground around the world and it’s a wake up call to the decisions we make on a daily basis. Simple alternatives like reusable straws, cotton rounds, or mugs may not seem like much but they do make a difference when more people join the movement. It ends up creating a demand for sustainable products and both big and small companies are starting to recognize it. We may be just individuals, but both you and I can make small steps to help the reduce our consumption of plastic. Here’s where to start:

Reusable Straws


They come in a variety of cute colors that would make it difficult to leave them at home. You can choose from gold, rose gold, or ombre even. You can buy the thin straws for iced coffees and the thicker ones for your favorite milk tea drinks with tapioca. For those who don’t like using metal straws, glass straws are a cute alternative.

Reusable Cotton Rounds


Cotton balls are biodegradable, however the process of creating them consume too much pesticide, which contaminates water. So reusable cotton rounds are a great alternative for applying toner or removing makeup. It comes in cute different prints and are easy to clean, just place them in the wash with your other clothes.

Coffee Mugs


Paper cups for hot coffee are actually lined with plastic, making it difficult to recycle. It’s a good thing that Frank Green cups are cute, colorful, and most importantly reusable. It’s tightly sealed so there won’t be any spilt coffee. But really, bringing your own cup to the cafe has never been cuter.

E-Book Reader


There’s a whole debate on ebooks, since there’s no comforting smell of books or the sensation of turning a page. But then ebook readers give you access to an entire library in the size of a thin paperback book. It’s easy to bring and saves on paper in the long run.

Produce Bag


Avoid using plastic bags and try using produce bags. They’re a cute way to store your purchases from the weekend markets, especially for fruits and vegetables. It can also hold your reusable cups as you stroll through Salcedo. What more can you ask for?

Featured image via @thesimpletrade.

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